Can Tencent Weibo Threaten Sina Weibo?

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  • on May 31st, 2011

Last week published an analysis of Tencent’s Weibo. It is a must read, especially for people invested in Sina ($Sina). Related to this presentation is an interview iChinastock conducted with Keso, one of China’s top IT analysts, in which he argues that Tencent’s QQ, not Sina Weibo, is China’s social graph and that people thinking that Sina can turn Weibo into the Facebook of China are mistaken.

Here is the presentation on Tencent Weibo:

Inside Tencent Weibo (0700.HK) – by iChinaStock
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For those interested in more detail on Sina Weibo, there are two good Sina Weibo presentations on Slideshare: Inside Sina Weibo (by yours truly) and Way of the Weibo (by Redtech Advisors.)

Inside Sina Weibo
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Way of the Weibo

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