Chinese Press Reporting Proview Will Request That PRC Customs Ban Import And Export Of iPads

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  • on February 13th, 2012
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In what appears to be an escalation of Proview’s battle with Apple ($AAPL) over the iPad trademark, Sina Tech News is reporting that Proview is preparing to request that the General Administration of China Customs ban the import and export of iPads.

Earlier today we learned that authorities in at least one city in Hebei Province had already started confiscating iPads from stores-Authorities Removing Apple iPads From Chinese Store Shelves? | DigiCha. The Sina Tech News article reports that Administration of Industry and Commerce in nearly 20 municipalities are investigating the sale of iPads, with several telling merchants to stop selling them openly.

Apple, how much are you going to pay Proview to make this go away?

[UPDATE: Stan Abrams at ChinaHearsay examines the possible Proview request to China Customs:

an action with the General Administration of Customs could be the nuclear option for Proview, and the Sina article suggests this might be in the works. This is a relatively simple procedure whereby an IP owner, in this case trademark owner Proview, files their trademark certificate with GAC, which is then “on notice” regarding Proview’s ownership rights.

Even before such a filing, GAC has the authority to stop any import/export of goods suspected of infringing intellectual property. Yes, that includes shipments of China-made iPads exported to overseas markets. Customs could go after those at any time if it so desired…

So the news here is that Proview may file their IP with Customs. This would be step one, and a big shot across Apple’s bow. Would they then go after iPad exports? That remains to be seen, but as with the infringement suits and AIC actions, Proview also has the law on its side when it comes to a Customs action.


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